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Ham radio cooking sci fi and politics and movies. In the Texas. State Guard and am an ER nurse

A” new” energy option

Read a blurb about a breakthrough in energy storage . A flow battery. In this case a vanadium ion flow battery. It was severly limited by temperature 50 to 120 degrees or do But a new formulation has increase it … Continue reading

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Antenna experiment

No picture yet, but while I am waiting on some magnets and plate metal to come in I am building a portable 40 meter monoband dipole.  I have cut two five foot PVC pipes (1.75 dia) and wound 50 feet … Continue reading

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A generator experiment

I am poorly attempting to make a radial flux generator. Still trying to decide if I want the magnets on the inner ring or outer. Boring stuff I know but it’s a hobby … Riff

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