A” new” energy option

Read a blurb about a breakthrough in energy storage . A flow battery. In this case a vanadium ion flow battery. It was severly limited by temperature 50 to 120 degrees or do But a new formulation has increase it to a much greater range. It is a viable tech to help overcome issues with wind and solar. It can buffer energy and store it and release it quickly and be renewed easily.

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Antenna experiment

No picture yet, but while I am waiting on some magnets and plate metal to come in I am building a portable 40 meter monoband dipole.  I have cut two five foot PVC pipes (1.75 dia) and wound 50 feet of 14 ga. speaker wire around each. To assist with tuning I have also added some recycled police band 2 meter whips to the ends.  The whips will be able to go inside the pipes for storage and adjust out for resonance.  Next day off the tuning begins.  The target frequency is about 7.125 mhz.  I am hoping to be able to tune the antenna from the digital to the voice with minor adjustments, of the whips.

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A generator experiment

I am poorly attempting to make a radial flux generator. Still trying to decide if I want the magnets on the inner ring or outer. Boring stuff I know but it’s a hobby … Riff

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